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BulgariaBlack Sea For Sale 1,290,000€ - Business Building, Commercial, Factory, Incomme Property
 3748 m²
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Investition object textile factory incl. Inventory in Bulgaria.

No commission for sale is an income property in Bulgaria. The property was newly built in 2000 and is sold with together with the inventory. The property was built for a textile factory and has three floors. The building is divided into fab – and office complex. The production area covers three large production levels and a large packaging and storage area. The representative office complex includes 13 offices, showroom and development. The building is equipped with an oil central heating and both production and office area is fully air conditioned with air conditioning. In the basement is social rooms and a fully equipped canteen are with canteen kitchen. The property was designed for 400 employees. Furthermore, the offer includes the inventory of sewing machines, ironing machines and other equipment in the field of textile production. The object can of course be used for any type of production. Surrounded is the object of an access to delivery, a house with doors monitoring system and regulates the reception of guests and delivery. The object can be visited any time by appointment in Bulgaria. The property is in good condition so that in a short time the production operation can be started. Access to road, rail and water in the immediate vicinity. A detailed Expose inclusive inventory list of all the positions that are in this range, we can send to. However, please understand that we need to advance Seller desire an LOI and proof of funds.

More Equipment Details:

Single-needle sewing machines with thread trimming for medium weight fabrics – JUKI DDL 8700-7
Single-needle sewing machines with thread trimming with minute oiling – JUKI DDL 9000 SS
Bi- needle sewing machines with needle transport JUKI LH-3168SF-7
Bi- needle five-thread overlock JUKI MO-6718S-FF6-40H
Bi- needle four-thread overlock JUKI MO-6700
Three-needle five-thread roofing machine JUKI MF-890N-HD
Automation for the production of pockets JUKI APW-1961ZCA2Z
Automation for the production of darts PFAFF 3586
Bi- needle roofing machine for loops JUKI US MF
Single-needle double-thread tracked machine JUKI MH – 481U
Ponteriz machine JUKI LK-1900ASS
Buttonhole machine straight buttonhole JUKI LBH 780
Buttons stitching sewing machine JUKI MB 373U
Machine buttonhole eye DURKOPP ADLER 579
Single-needle sewing machines for double blind stitch STROBEL 45-123
Single-needle sewing machines zigzag JUKI LZ-2284N
Presses for gluing stones
Automatic press for studs and cuff buttons
Machine for automatic cutting and counting of details
Devices for rewinding yarn from large cones to smaller

Compressor air, helical Gardner Denver
Air receiver
Ironing press in the form of arms of jackets and coats Indupress
Ironing press for front parts of jackets and coats Indupress
Ironing press for back and side parts Indupress
Ironing press for elbow seams Indupress
Universal ironing tables with central steam
Universal ironing tables for side seam
Ironing tables with steam irons
Steam generators

For Supply with electricity is mounted mast
transformer station 250 КW and ВН 20KV.


Additional Details

  • Inventory: inclusive
  • Energieclass: in Process
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