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You search for a luxury Villa

Welcome to the Gutig Group Real Estate LTD your specialist when it comes to a villa in top locations.

Owning a villa is something special. to own an exceptional luxury property in one of the best location not only tells about the owner of something but gives something to own exclusive status. Our satisfied customers have different ideas what location, design and budget concerns a villa. To meet this demand, the Gutig Group Real Estate LTD villas portfolio with different properties. You wish this Villa as a second home where you pur from time to time luxury and relaxation searches, such as in Saint Moritz, Mallorca or in Europe. This often celebrity clients are looking for a property in order to recover from strenuous fiscal periods, while enjoying any kind of luxury and comfort. As primary residence customers buy our selected luxury villas because you here want to settle down in order to respond to any request here can we adjusted our excellent portfolio to the international market and customer needs. In order to meet the requirements of our individual customers, we place in the selection of objects for our clientele the bar very high. The Gutig Group Real Estate LTD attaches great importance to quality in the selection of objects to be included for our customers in the portfolio.

You want to buy an exclusive villa

The Gutig Group Real Estate LTD is your reliable and serious partner when you buying a villa. An investment in such a high-end property is not a common occurrence. Ideas about the location of the villa and how you will meet your needs depends on the different needs and circumstances. It is important for us that you and your family feel comfortable when you visit immediately an object from us according to your specifications. A property of us has in you arouse emotions so that you can identify as the owner of your new property personally. For us it is always a great joy when we meet with our selected objects the imagining and desires of our customers. Do not settle for less to finally it comes to your dream home.

High quality villa internationally wanted

When we speak of a quality villa or a luxurious upscale house then we have very clear guidelines. A property must have parameters such as a swimming pool, depending on the imagination of the customer insular property or with breathtaking sea views. The guarantee that only high quality materials have been installed for the objects, all that is important to us. And ultimately it plays a major role for us that we provide unique that must be unique from the design and layout simple for our customers.

The Gutig Group Real Estate LTD is looking forward to an e mail with your specific wishes.

And when may we welcome you to a viewing?

You want to sell a villa


We are happy to assist you through an international network suitable purchaser for your villa to find. We pay it in advance who will purchase your property. Feel free to send us your real estate data on this form specially made. We like to contact you in connection and the processing is done with us even without binding alone – or exclusive contracts.