Project Object financing

Project financing without bank

Welcome to the Gutig Group Real Estate!

As a successful global player, for over 20 years we have not only made a name for ourselves by marketing high-quality investment properties worldwide, but alsoInvestor search wanted to finance national and international projects and properties.

It always starts with a idea!

Project developers, visionaries and companies who want to realize something are usually faced with the same problem: how do I generate the necessary capital for my project?

Well, let’s take a quick look at the usual way across the bank.

You have spent weeks, maybe even months, planning a project or property development. In this preparation, you have been self-critical and meticulous. At the heart of your business start-up, expansion or property development and the associated business plan, you have made every effort to think through and plan all this down to the smallest detail. You have checked and calculated the capital requirements calculation with equity, debt capital, liquidity reserves and many other items several times. You submit the complete documents to the bank of your choice.

The big day is here and you are experiencing disillusionment because the bank rejects your request for capitalization! The reasons are usually always the same: too little equity usually at least 30% or too little to no valuable collateral can access the one bank. Well and maybe it’s simply the reason that you do not believe in your project!

How would it feel to have a strong partner by your side?

All we can say is that you have taken the first step in the right direction right now. You came across our company because you were looking for an alternative and do not give up immediately! It does not matter which type of object, project or project is to be financed!

Here are some of our options and capabilities.

hotel projects
Medical projects
Green energy projects
company formation
Company expansions
Investment in investment properties
debt restructuring

Gutig Group Investment has a large number of investors, ranging from the Family Office through bundled major investors. Here we see ourselves as a powerful link between your project and the investors. Transparent, serious and goal-oriented, we pursue our task of successfully implementing the capitalization of your project.

Which requirements do you have to meet in order to make your request without obligation and free of charge?

Minimum capital required 1 million euros
proven 10 % equity
complete project documentation such as project description, business plan and budget allocation plan

Please understand that we can only process requests that meet our minimum requirements.

4 steps to capitalize without a bank

Step 1
Download non-binding and free capitalization request as a PDF file, simply fill in and send back via e-mail.
Within 5 working days you will receive a preliminary decision.
Step 2
After a positive preliminary decision, we then require your complete documentation for your project by a due diligence check
perform. Of course, you will receive an NDA / secrecy declaration beforehand.
Step 3
In the event of a positive advance commitment for your project, you will receive from the investor a binding offer with all details such as payment terms, conditions and a repayment plan.
Step 4
Upon completion of all necessary contracts, the payment of the requested capital will be made to your account for use in your project.

We look forward to you.

Your team from Gutig Group Real Estate

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